Elaborate the Function of Management

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1.Elaborate the function of Management.
Management is the process of getting activities completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people. Thus Management is creative problem solving or problem moving process. This creative problem solving is accomplished through various functions of management: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. The intended result is the use of an organization's resources in a way that accomplishes its mission and objectives. The function of Management is modern context are as follow:

Planning is concerned with the future impact of today's decisions. It is the fundamental function of management from which the other four stem. The need for planning is often apparent after the fact. However, planning is easy to postpone in the short-run. Postponement of planning especially plagues labor oriented, hands on managers. Planning is important at all levels of management. However, its characteristics vary by level of management. The Planning involves vision-mission-objectives-goals. The tasks of the strategic planning process is shown below

The organizing, staffing, leading and controlling functions stem from the planning function. The manager is ready to organize and staffs only after goals and plans to reach the goals are in place. Likewise, the leading function, influencing the behavior of people in the organization, depends on the goals to be achieved. Finally, in the controlling function, the determination of whether or not goals are being accomplished and standards met is based on the planning function. The planning function provides the goals and standards that drive the controlling function.

When it comes to business leadership, one of the most important aspects is the organizing function of management. Organizing is allocating and configuring resources to accomplish the preferred goals and objectives establishing during the planning processes. Hence we can say that Organizing is establishing the internal organizational structure of the business. The focus is on division, coordination, and control of tasks and the flow of information within the organization. Managers distribute responsibility and authority to job holders in this function of management. Figure below shows the steps required to undergo in this function of management.

Each organization has an organizational structure. By action and/or inaction, managers structure businesses. Ideally, in developing an organizational structure and distributing authority, managers' decisions reflect the mission, objectives, goals and tactics that grew out of the planning function. Specifically, they decide: Division of labor

Delegation of authority
Span of control

Staffing is filling and keeping filled with qualified people all positions in the business. Recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating and compensating are the specific activities included in the function. In the family business, staffing includes all paid and unpaid positions held by family members including the owner/operators. Management teams on successful farms excel at many human resource management skills. Staffing (including recruiting, selecting, hiring and training of employees) is among the skills that become more important as the complexity and overall level of performance of a farm business increases. With increasing size and improving performance comes people complexity: more things accomplished through employees, more delegation to key employees and more reliance on employees to maintain a routine that assures superiority. Any cynical attitudes managers have about employees need to be replaced with positive attitudes. Staffing success depends heavily on the planning and organizing functions of management. In planning, both farm goals and employees' goals are considered. A business functions best when business and employee goals are...
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