El Paraiso Hotel Resort Cebu and Its Health Benefits

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Profile of the Company
El Paraiso Hotel Resort Cebu is a five star hotel which offers comfortable place and quality services to make the stay of the guests a pleasurable one. It is located in Lapu-Lapu City, which is composed of several small islands and connected to mainland Cebu by two bridges, the resort is just 30 minutes away from the international airport. Being one of the most luxurious hotels in the Philippines, making the vacation of guests a memorable one is one of the main objectives of the company.

Vision of the Company
El Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant as the number one provider of quality hotel and food services within the islands of the Philippines. Mission of the Company
El Paraiso Hotel and Restaurant aims to provide quality hotel and food services through regular and continuous employment, trainings, seminars and supervisions of highly qualified, efficient and good-natured employees and through the use of state-of-the-art facilities and convenient hotel rooms, kitchens, lobbies, restaurants and other hotel places. Hotel Facilities * Infinity pool

* Fitness center
* Wellness center
* Cinema
* Souvenir shop
* Clinic
* 3 restaurants and 1 bar
* Lobby lounge
* 186 rooms

* Elaine Michellica Lopez (Human Resource Manager)
* Lovely Cabacoy (Assistant HR Manager)
* Krystel Urbina (Assistant HR Manager)
* Sharmaine Orense (Project Development Supervisor)
* Christchen Del Valle (Research and Extension Coordinator) * Joan Tolentino (Assistant R&E Coordinator) * Marc Kenneth Quitalig (Assistant R&E Coordinator)

The company has allotted six hundred twenty five thousand pesos for this project. This includes four hundred seventy five thousand pesos for the wellness project and two hundred thousand pesos for the health program.

Monthly expenses will be incurred for this project that is why the company will set other funds for these expenses. RESOURCE NEEDED Financial Resources
The financial resources will be coming from the fund set aside solely for the corporate social responsibility programs of the company. In view of the fact that this company has been operating for many years now, it is expected that it has allotted funds for this kind of projects because in the long run, this project will benefit not just the employees but the company as well. Human Resources

The top management should be the first one to cooperate in this project. Their approval will be the key factor on the possibility of this project to put into action.
The project coordinators should do their best to put in practice the strategies needed for the implementation of this program. They must thoroughly follow the set guidelines on how they will perform their individual duties and responsibilities.

The employees benefited should also cooperate in this project. They must exert their full understanding and appreciation on the project provided for them. While the company is exerting effort on how they can improve or at least maintain their healthy lifestyle, they must be disciplined even in their respective homes. Discipline is a must in this project.

Different departments and agencies are going to be involved in this project. These are the Department of Tourism, Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment, Bureau of Food and Drugs, UNILAB and Mactan Doctors’ Hospital.

These departments and agencies have their own part in the realization of this program.
Department of Tourism is concerned about the tourists that are going to be the customers of the hotel. Department of Health is concerned about the health of the employees providing the services for customers while Department of Labor and Employment is concerned about the overall condition of the employees in the company.

The Bureau of Food and Drugs will serve as the guide of the company in the distribution of vitamins and medicines to the employees. UNILAB...
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