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El Dia de Mi Graduacion

Topics: High school, Graduation, Kanye West, Future / Pages: 3 (558 words) / Published: Sep 2nd, 2013
El Día de Mi Graduación – English Its still way to early when the alarm starts to go off. (1) I stand up to turn it off before anyone wakes up. (2) I’m already nervous; I don’t want to have my family make me even more anxious. (3) I feel really excited, nervous, and sad at the same time. (4) All of my hard work will finally be recognized, but what is referred to as “the best years of a life” will soon be, officially, over. (5) I brush my teeth, and take a shower. (6) I put on a t-shirt and pair of jeans; when I walk out of my room, my brothers and parents are up. (7) Some of my close family is coming in from Mexico and Florida to see me walk the stage. (8) All of my cousins are around my age and last week, I went to one of their graduation. (9) We have decided that we will all get together in the evening before the ceremony to eat. (10) I walk out through the door and drive until I reach the Alamo Dome. (11)
I get there at 9:52 am, just in time for rehearsal. (12) I meet up with my friends, but soon we are lined up and rehearsal starts. (13) At 12:00 pm, rehearsal is coming to a close, so my friends and I decide to go out and have lunch. (14) As we eat, we share stories about our past, our feelings about today, and discus a little about our plans for the future. (15) We are done with lunch and we all go to our scheduled salon appointments. (16) We are done and now we go to a friend’s house, to put our dresses on. (17) Since we are all ready, we say goodbye, with the certainty that we will see each other later that night. (18) I am getting home at 4:12 pm and all my family is waiting for me to start eating. (19) I feel really happy to be surrounded by all the people I love. (20) We are all done, and head back to the Alamo Dome in separate cars. (21)It’s 6:00 pm and I am back stage waiting, and, if I peek around the side, I can see my family. (22)
Now I am in line and the ceremony begins. (23) As I stand there, waiting to hear my name, I can’t help but feel very anxious. (24) My name is finally called; I walk down the whole stage, shake many hands, stop for some pictures, and at the end my Spanish 3 teacher, Mr. Gonzales gives me a yellow envelope. (25) I get ushered through the end of the hallway, where the counselors sit, and they give me my diploma. (26) I am so happy that I finally graduated from high school. (27)
It is now 10:00pm, but the night has just begun. (28) Now my friends and I are on our way to school to participate in project graduation. (29) The night becomes a great combination of emotions that cannot be compared. (30)
Today is Sunday and I wake up with the memories of last night. (31) I realize that I am no longer a high school student, but a future college student. (32)

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