Ek Ruka Hua Faisla - Review

Topics: Jury, The Grid, Jury nullification Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: August 9, 2011
E’Ek rukaa hua faisla’’ , remake of Hollywood classic ’’Twelve angry men’’ an Oscar Winning Film widely used in Management Schools & corporate for understanding ‘HUMAN BEHAVIOR’ and “LEADERSHIP STYLES’ ….. Let’s take a look at the plot first to be familiar with this movie.

The movie starts from a scene in a jury room where 12 jury members are discussing the case for the final verdict. The case is regarding a murder of an old man and the suspect is his own son. Everything from the statement of witnesses to debate of lawyers has already finished. And as they are reaching verdict and counting votes.. 11 said guilty and 1 said not guilty. Now the whole movie revolves around this 1 person who is standing on his ground for voting not guilty. He explains that he is neutral in his judgment and unless he is satisfied he won’t vote guilty. And gradually with his common sense, thinking and debating power ( Advocacy skills ) he changed the mind of other jury members until finally they all voted not guilty. This movie is special especially because it portrays the thinking of 12 different people from 12 different aspects of society, from self-made guy coming from the slums to famous doctor to elite class people. In these 12 jury members, everyone was so careless to reach their decision except that 12th person. They are so preoccupied with their personal problems or engagements that they do not understand the gravity of their decision. 1 person’s life is on stake. yes, the accused guy could be real culprit or maybe not. But they should not just let the guy to be hanged only because they were getting late for a movie or a game or for dinner party, etc. Sometimes the plot do get interesting when that lone ranger (12th jury member) is highlighting the broken links in the statements of witnesses and the case put together by public-prosecutor against the accused. You get the feeling that this guy could do wonders if he were a real lawyer and whether the lawyer for the accused...
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