Eighteenth Century British Colonies

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Eighteenth Century British Colonies

In the eighteenth century, the British Colonies in North America experienced many changes that helped form the identity of America. The demographic, ethnic, and social characters of Britain’s colonies were some of the major characteristics to be altered in the 1700s. The demographic character of Colonial America resulted in a swing in the balance of power between the colonies and England. In the beginning of the 1700s, a population that was initially less than three hundred thousand people, grew all the way to about two and a half million in the year 1775 (20% Black). The population of the 13 colonies jumped from about one-twentieth to about one-third of Britain’s population. In the eighteenth century, the settlers that increased the population immigrated from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Germany. Also, in Colonial America, there was a high fertility rate—the ratio between English settlers and American colonists dropped from 20 to 1 in 1700, to 3 to 1 in 1775. In the colonies, there were only four major cities: Boston, Charleston, New York, and Philadelphia. Due to there only being four main cities, there were lots of farm and crop area, and in result, ninety percent of the colonies’ population lived in rural areas. The ethnicity in Colonial America in the eighteenth century grew to be very diverse with increasing population. By the year 1775, the number of colonists with English ancestry may have fallen to two-thirds of the white population and to nearly half of the total population. The men and women who populated the colonies consisted of English, Native Americans, Africans, East Anglicans, Welsh, Germans, Dutch, and more. Although the colonies contained a variety of different races, the main language of the colonies was English. Germans constituted about one hundred-fifty thousand, or six percent, of the population by 1775. Settling mainly in Pennsylvania, Germans belonged to several different Protestant...
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