Egypt vs. America Compare & Contrast

Topics: Ancient Egypt, United States, Egyptians Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Ancient yet Modern
Egyptians and Americans have many similarities yet at the same time different perspectives on culture, family and architecture. Considering that Egyptian civilization has been around for thousands of years and American Civilization has been around for only centuries, it is amazing how media and individuals will perceive Egypt as a third world country yet admire it for its history. Egypt is a historical country and continues to follow through its culture. Many people mistake the culture for the religion, when both are two completely different things. Call Egypt “old fashioned”, but that is their way of life. Women are expected to be more conservative; not to have too much skin exposed. Egypt is not just a Muslim country, but also Coptic as well. Today many Coptic women cover their hair. Is it part of the religion? No, some may wear it simply for fashion, where other times it depends on the area in which they live. For example: the market “El Suit”, mosque “Gamaii”, church “Kanessa”, the projects “Ain Shams” , these are some of the main places that play a big input on deciding what to wear, and what not to wear. Also Egypt does have the tourist spots, the suburbs, the upper class, and modern areas, women can dress a tiny bit more freely in comfort, without the constant stares. In the United States, many women wear shorts, sleeveless blouses, and it is not an issue; something one sees every day. Whereas in Egypt, to see a women dressed in shorts, a sleeveless blouse, outside her home, and in the street? Unheard of, the town people would simply be in utter shock, and look intently, as if they have never seen skin before. For them that is not something one would normally see because people have followed and adapted to a particular lifestyle for centuries and it works for them. So to see something that one does not normally see every day, or EVER, will cause attention and commotion. Conversely, in the United States, people have rights and...
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