Egocentric: Truth and Logical Scientific Reasoning

Topics: Truth, Logic, Reason Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: June 26, 2005
The Problem of Egocentric Thinking
Humans are imperfect creatures who possess most thoughts out of selfishness and egocentric thinking. Many people do not even begin to question why they believe the things they do or ever open themselves up to admit to being wrong. A lot of people carry beliefs just because that is what they choose to believe, regardless of if they have ever actually looked into those beliefs or the history behind it. For example: Some people are born into a religion and beliefs they will automatically accept as their truth. Many times they will never question what they are being taught or the validity of the material and/or beliefs. They choose to live their lives not questioning or seeing obvious discrepancies because they do not want to believe there could be any other truths. They can also rationalize their beliefs further by convincing themselves that since a whole group of people believe it, it must be the truth. Another factor comes in when they are too scared to question what they believe. "What if I looked further and found out everything I have ever held as my truths just did not make any kind of rational sense? What would I do then?" As this is much too painful for them, it is never really going to be an option. They want to believe what brings them comfort and faith, even if there is no physical evidence or logical scientific reasoning to the things they believe. Never questioning will, in their minds, lead them to what they want.
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