Effetc of Modern Gadgets

Topics: Internet, Mobile phone, Technology Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Modern technologies impact on mental development when compared with the old technologies, especially on children. New media technologies and a number of important studies were conducted in the 2000’s on the impact of children’s intellectual development, and various aspects of using such technologies. Many researches were conducted aimed to organize understanding the change that took place by using these technologies, and to explore the conversion in children’s behaviour and did focus to discover-what extent children feel aggression, and how they react by using these modern technologies e.g. video games, mobile phones with various applications embedded using via Internet with Wi-Fi connections video games consoles and internet. Children’s use of modern technologies and it impacts on change in their behaviour with the result of aggression after using various modern technologies. (Van Mierlo, and Van den Bulck, 2004) As Gross described in his article that People are very frequent in use of media and modern technologies in communication at home or at work and feel hard to survive in the absence of modern means of communications. With the advent rapid new technologies; digital societies are shaping all across and people are relying mainly on these resources from information, education, and entertainment to social interaction. The same are shaping social attitude in dealing with each other. (Gross, 2009:68) The reformed digital cultures and multi resources of communications have severe effects on human beings especially on children; who have the immediate capacity of learning. Technologies usability among youngsters and adolescent such as TV, Internet, mobile phones is common particularly in developed countries. (Kress, 2003) As David Buckingham (2006) noted that modern technologies include effects of mobile phones and the negative impact of technology on children’s behaviour i.e. violence and aggressiveness. After the early 90s several scholars have studied the...
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