Effects of Lack of Clean Drinking Water on People of Pakistan

Topics: Gastroenteritis, Escherichia coli, Water Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Effects of Lack of clean drinking water on people of Pakistan Access to safe drinking water is a basic need for healthy life. Insufficient supply of drinking water is the main cause of diseases in developing countries like Pakistan. As many as 72 million Pakistanis out of a population of 180 million are deprived of having access to safe drinking water. The effect of unsafe and polluted water is diseases like diarrhea, typhoid and hepatitis A. Contaminated water can cause diarrhea. There are certain types of bacteria and parasites that cause diarrhea which enters the body through contaminated water for instance, Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Salmonella. The major symptoms of diarrhea are: frequent loose, watery stools, abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, fever and blood in the stool. Pakistan is a developing country with poor water systems. About 60% children die due to water and sanitation related diseases in Pakistan, “with diarrheal diseases estimated at killing over 200,000 under-five years' children, every year” (“World Water Day: Pakistan 60 Million People No Access to Safe Drinking Water”). According to WHO-UNICEF in 2000 the mortality rate of children under five in Pakistan is 101 deaths per 1,000 children, and most of the deaths are caused by water transmitted diarrheal infections. Typhoid is one of the major diseases carried by water. “Typhoid fever is still common in the developing world, affecting about 21.5 million people each year, while it was the fourth most common cause of death in Pakistan with 70 per cent of all cases recorded in Asia alone” (“Typhoid Affects 21.5m Every Year Worldwide,”2008).

Hepatitis is another water-borne disease. “Hepatitis A refers to liver inflammation caused by infection with the hepatitis A virus (HAV). HAV is one of several viruses that can cause hepatitis” (“Hepatitis A,” n.d.). Some of the symptoms are: fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, yellowing of skin and eyes and nausea. The virus can quickly spread to anyone...
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