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effective speaking

By mazirahmajid91 Dec 05, 2013 735 Words
Author: Marylin S. Kelly

Types of Topic
Persuasive speaking is a speech given in hopes of swaying the audiences to believe and support the things that the speech giver is saying. Persuasive speeches may attempt to inspire the audience to agree with or reject a point of view, to further commit them to an idea or to actuate the audience. There are four types of policy: fact, value, policy and topic.

Book title: Public Speaking (Strategies for Success)
Author: David Zarefsky

Constraints on Effective Persuasive Speaking
A good persuasive public speaking is measured by the affect towards the audience after the speaker ends the speech. Sometimes there are constraints that make the speech is not delivered well to the audience. It often takes on the following forms such as selective listening, selective perception and selective influence. Book title: Speech Communication (Principles and Contexts)

Authors: Richard F. Whitman & Paul H. Boase

The Nature of Persuasion
The human race has been fascinated with persuasion and persuasive strategies and tactics forever 2000 years. Mostly the nature of persuasion comes within our family, friends and people who are close with us. Social influence comes from threaten, bribe, cajole, manipulate and even use force to gain the will. Affirmation is compliance-behavior with an associated promise of reward and negation is a form of influence coercion.

Book title: Human Communication (The Basic Course)
Author: Joseph A. Devito

Guidelines for Persuasive Speaking
In order to deliver the information to the listeners, speakers are essential to follow the principles of persuasion which are anticipate selective exposure, recognize cultural differences, encourage audience participation, consider prior inoculation, ask for reasonable amounts of change, Foot-in-the-Door Technique, Door-in-the-Face-Technique, stress identification and stress consistency. \

Book title: Public Speaking (An audience-centered approach)
Authors: Steven A. Beebe & Susan J. Beebe

How to Motivate Listeners
There are various ways to motivate listeners by using dissonance, listener needs, positive motivation and also negative motivation. These ways are effective because listeners are motivated if speaker assure good things will happen to them if they follow the advice given.

Book title: Communicating Effectively
Authors: Saundra Hybels & Richard L.Weaver II

Speaker Credibility
Credibility or believability consists of four qualities: expertise, dynamism, trustworthiness, and ethics. Research on persuasion says speakers are more likely to be effective as persuaders if listeners consider it to be credible. To be a credible speaker, experience or knowledge is needed. Most of the credibility in a speech comes from perceiving the speaker as an expert to their subject.

Book title: Mastering Public Speaking
Authors: George L. Grice & John L. Skinner

Types of Persuasive Speeches
Speeches to convince, speeches to actuate and speeches to acquire are the three types of persuasive speeches. Speech to convince is a persuasive speech designed to influence listener’s attitudes. Speech to actuate is a speech designed to influence listener’s behaviors and speech to inspire is a speech designed to influence listener’s feelings.

Book title: The Challenge of Effective Speaking
Authors: Rudolph F. Verderber & Deanna D. Sellnow & Kathleen S. Verderber

Ethical Guidelines for Persuasive Speeches
To convince the audience, there are five ethical guidelines for speakers to follow. The ethical guidelines purpose is to improve the well-being of the audience by advocating the honest belief of the speaker, use representative supporting information, use emotional appeals to engage the audience in the rational thought process and present the speaker’s credibility.

Book title: Introduction to Speech Communication
Author: William J. Seiler

Goal of Persuasive Speaking
Persuasion can be define as a communicating process with audience involving verbal and nonverbal messages that changed the audience’s attitudes, values, behavior and beliefs in life. The ultimate goal is action whereby successful persuasion reinforces an existing behavior, changes an existing behavior, or leads to a new behavior. Adoption is an action goal that needs listeners to show their opinions or attitudes by doing the action suggested by the speaker.

Book title: Public Speaking (Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society) Author: Clella Jaffe

Making Persuasive Claims
A claim is an assertion that’s arguable or open to challenge or a conclusion or generalization that some people will not accept a statement that requires some sort of evidence or support to be believed. It is hard to make the audience agree with speaker so they will claim. There are four types of claims: fact, definition, value, and policy.

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