Effective Leadership

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Effective Leadership
DeLynne Carriker
March 11, 2013
Rachel Gonzales

Effective Leadership
Leadership may vary in many ways, depending on the individual doing the leading of the group or team. The greatest value a leader can have is compassion for those who follow him or her. Respect, compassion, dignity, and trust are just a few characteristics that a leader or a manager must hold to be effective in his or her role. “The definition of leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a goal” (Ricketts, 2009, p. 1). Leadership is the process that involves the influence of individuals who work under the leader which usually occurs in a group setting with a common goal to attain. According to Ricketts, some common characteristics and behaviors that show an effective leader are * “Confidence

* Creativity
* Efficient coaching skills
* Consistency between words and actions
* Empathic listening skills
* Being visionary
* Inspiring
* Long-term focus
* Maintaining a balance between individual needs and team needs * Awareness of realistic conditions
* Strong self-esteem
* Sense of priorities
* Service mentality
* Sincerity
* Technical or contextual expertise
* Trust
* Willingness to share responsibility
* Willingness to share credit or recognition” (2009, p. 2) These characteristics and behaviors are needed for leaders to maintain excellent respect from their followers and to get work out of their followers. Managers can tell their followers to do work because the followers know they will get paid for the work, but with the leader, they cannot promise payment because the work is on a voluntary basis. Many groups or teams have leaders and the leader has to convince to other individuals to help out on a project for the best of the team. Leaders have to motivate individuals to work and follow them, which sets a tone for other aspects of...

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