Effective Communication and Employee Performance

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The purpose of the study is to investigate the impact of business communication on organizational performance in organizations. In business, message is conveyed through various channels of communication, including internet, print (publication), radio, television, etc. Whether or not significant change(s) results in the performance of an organization as a result of business communication is yet to be established. This study, therefore, is carried out to investigate the relationship between business communication and organizational performance in organizations using a contextualized and literature based research instrument to measure the application of the investigated “constructs”. Using the survey method, the study would obtain sample data from 100 small and large manufacturing and service companies. The research instrument would show encouraging evidence of reliability and validity. Data would be analyzed using descriptive statistics, percentages and t- test analysis. The study is to find out that effective business communication is emphasized to a reasonable extent in surveyed organizations. However, the ‘level of emphasize’ is a question of degree. It would also find out the extent of practices of effective business communication, which is related to the category of business (service versus manufacturing) and its size. The research findings would be limited to some extent by the confounding effect of variations within and between industry types of firm and industry sectors, and the use of respondents’ own-assessments of performance. The yet to be established research would be beyond the usual context of developed western economies, and thereby, potentially contains some lessons for practitioners and researchers in other developing countries.

The enhancement of effective organizational performance largely depends on the manner and way information is transferred and received among members of the organization. Nations communicate among each other through trade, fox relieve in times of natural disaster. Nations disseminate information on political, economic and social issues whiles effective communication has boost the performance of employees tremendously in modern organizations. However, the challenges that organization face in transmitting their information and messages has greatly affected the performance of some organizations in the country. As the ‘live-blood’ of the organization, communication is expected to be clear and brief but comprehensive. This has not been so in many organizations. Therefore impedes on the overall output of the organization in the country. It is rightly said that thaw success of an organization is dependent on the transparency between the team members and clear understanding of ideas between them. Communication is very vital element in business management. Communication is the means by which people in exchange information. According to Chester Barnard, communication is the means by which people are linked together in an organization to achieve a common purpose. The role of the effective communication on performance of an organization starts from the day an employee joins the firm to the time he or she leaves the firm. It is the prime responsibility of the Human Resource department to clearly inform employees the rules and policies of the organization for them to perform well. It is therefore important that the details, and the important deadlines; must be made clear to members concern in an organization to expect better performance.

Communication contributes effectively towards the organizational success. This is only done when it is used to perform its key functions of controlling, motivating, emotional expressions and decision making. In organizations, miscommunication is inevitable. Ineffective communication clearly affects a company’s performance leading to a drop in share price. Moreover, effective communication is...
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