Effect of Indonesia Belief for Its Economy

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“What Is Indonesia?”


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Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. Indonesia is also considered as largest archipelago which consists of 17,508 islands. For the reason that Indonesia is an archipelago, the diversity between each region is really high because they are also consisting of many tribes and ethnic which have different culture. In order to support the diversity, the governments state the ideology of Bhineka Tunggal Ika for uniting the diversity into one single strong country called Indonesia. From the point of view of the belief system, Moslem and Hindu have the major role. The reason is because nowadays Indonesia is considered as the largest Moslem population in the world. However, Hindu also become the major part because the value of Hinduism already rooted in Indonesia since the kingdom of Majapahit. In this paper we will see whether these values will have an impact toward the Indonesian economic system as a whole. In addition, this paper will discuss about whether the Indonesian economic system still implement these values from several economic aspects and sectors such as investment, banking, infrastructure, and government role in economy. Furthermore we will also discuss about the diversity which happening in Indonesia such as age, gender, social status, ethnic, and also religion. As it explained above that diversities is due to the vary of socio-culture, diversities also take an important role as the umbrella of all the differences, which is should be protected by Indonesian people itself so that the we can implement the good value and minimize the bad value. Later we are going to determine what Indonesia is from the economic point of view and the value which determine the most in the economic sector in Indonesia. We will try to elaborate a doable & feasible project that can be done and also some recommendation to the government, academician & society. In the last section we will try to give conclusion for this paper according to our analysis to prove that what country Indonesia is in term of economic. I. History of Indonesia

Indonesia, is a country who accept the diversity of the religion by admitting the existence of 5 religions, which are: Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddha. We can see from the first principle in the Pancasila, which is “Belief in the one and only God”, is reflecting that the government is giving the right to believe in what they wish to believe in.

However, we can see that most of the belief systems in Indonesia, is highly affected by only two religions, which are Hindu and Islam. Hindu, are the oldest religion in the world and also the first religion that come to Indonesia. The religion was predicted to be born at around 3102 B.C. It was brought to Indonesia approximately in the beginning of “Tarikh Masehi”. As the oldest religion, Hindu has become the basis of the other religions. The essence of virtuous behavior and the belief that there is someone who has almighty power was adopted and become the trigger for other religions to born. In Indonesia itself, the spread of the Hindu is enhanced by many big kingdoms that were rule Indonesia, such as Kutai, Mataram, Singosari, Majapahit, and Watu Renggong. But it was during the Majapahit era the Hindu itself becomes widely spread among Indonesian People. Majapahit, was in fact the biggest empire that exist in the history of Indonesia. When the Hayam Wuruk and Gajah Mada took control of the kingdom, the colonization of Majapahit covers almost all regions in Indonesia and the other South East Asian countries. During the Majapahit era, Hindu values also become widely spread among its colonized regions. Although nowadays Hindu...
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