Effect of Bullying

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Humiliation Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Kids everywhere are being bullied for the way they look or act. Many kids are struggling every day because the bullying issue has been a huge problem. When younger people bully others, the effects felt by the weaker student can lead to serious, even deadly, consequences. The victims of bullying tend to withdraw from society. Some of them lose their self-confidence. Others can do anything to get rid of this situation.

Students who are bullied tend to withdraw from society, they often stop communicating with other people even their parents and friends. They also refuse to participate in conversation or activity or anything else. Sometime they lie because they want to hide this embarrassing situation. Most victims start to hate themselves because of what is happening to them from the bullies, psychological and physical torture.

The other effect on the victims, that they see the world in a different perspective. They lose self-esteem and start questioning their own personalities, thinking that maybe they deserve this bad treatment. They might start focusing only in the bullies and there moving. Victim's outlook on life may become darker and darker as the bullying continues. Some of the victims may become obsessed of hiding and looking everywhere while they walk in the street.

The third effect is if teens become damaged by the bullying, they may do almost anything to get out of this situation. Some victims may try to escape from their painful reality by engaging in dangerous activities. Number of victims might think about a plan of revenge. As a matter of fact some of them can reach a point of depression that will lead to committing suicide. However, others tried to get rid of the bullies by being one of them.

Bullying affect others life in huge way, and cause a lot of damages. When younger people are victims of bullies, there is a strong chance that they will suffer many negative consequences,...
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