EE Cummings - Anyone lived in a pretty howtown and Maggie and millie and molly and may

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Philosophy Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: October 30, 2013
E. E. Cummings's experimentation with form and language places him among the most innovative of twentieth-century poets. He developed a style so unique that his poetry was not fully appreciated until after his death. Cummings experimented radically with form, punctuation, spelling and syntax, abandoning traditional techniques and structures to create a new and unique style of poetic expression. Like Charles Williams and many other poets of his time, Cummings expresses in his poetry his philosophical views of individualism and transcendentalism, and his criticism towards society's intolerance of nonconformists. He particularly conveys his philosophy of individualism and view of how we are all forced to conform in his poem’s ‘anyone lived in a pretty how town’ and his philosophy on transcendentalism in ‘maggie and milly and molly and may’ through the use of his experimental poetic techniques and his use of homophones, metaphor and personification.

The poem "anyone lived in a pretty how town" by E. E. Cummings tells the story of life. It exemplifies the busy life that humans live, and their incompetence to pay attention to the little, but beautiful things in life.

Cummings used metaphor in ‘anyone lived in a pretty how town’ to help endorse his philosophy on individualism. In this poem, the children of the town are described as forgetting their individuality, “down they forget as up they grew.” This metaphor suggests that when we are young and still free of institution and rules, we are who we really are, because we are not pushed or manipulated into behaving in a certain way. But once we get older, there are more rules and restrictions we must face, and therefore we have our identities distorted and we are forced to conform. The metaphor is an example of how Cummings expressed his philosophical views on individualism in the poem ‘anyone lived in a pretty how town’.

In ‘anyone lived in a pretty how town’ Cummings experimented with poetic form and...
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