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The Origin of Cojuangco’s wealth
“The Cojuangco-Aquinos used and abused all legal means to their advantage and interest of further controlling the lands.”
– Rep. Rafael Mariano of Anakpawis
Hacienda Luisita Massacre has been a history of the Filipinos. Until now, No one knows who the mastermind of the said incident is. It has been so many years since the incident happen. There are no clear clues on how it was done. The suspects were the owner of the Hacienda Luisita, The Cojuangco’s.
According to a group of people that has the aim of opening the eyes of the many in every aspects who uses the name “pinoy monkey pride”, It all began during the 1899 philippine-american war. General Antonio Luna transported all the wealth of the revolution, millions worth of gold and silver, from Ilocos treasury and governor of Pampanga to a single specific place in Paniqui, Tarlac, The home of his Girlfriend Ysidra Cojuangco.
After 3 days, General Luna was assassinated by Aguinaldo’s officers. Gold treasures of the First Philippine Republic disappeared. Even the American Forces could not find it. In 1900, Ysidra Cojuangco became one of the richest women in the Philippines according to isabelo crisostomo, Cory Aquino’s biographer. Central Luzon was changed since then. Ysidra’s brother has 4 sons which was chosen to inherit Ysidra’s fortune. Cojuangco’s were one of the most powerful and influencial family in the Philippines.
Money was lent to the farmers and the land as the collateral. If the farmer’s cannot be able to pay the lent money, their lands will be taken away from them. One by one, Farm lands became Cojuangco’s property. Cojuangco land holdings increased dramatically. In the 1920’s, There was the Paniqui sugar mills, finance and mining investments corporation and the Philippine bank of commerce by the cojuanco family. In 1930’s, the cojuangco’s became the biggest land holding clan in central Luzon owning 12, 000 hectares of land controlling the rice trade of the

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