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1. Conquista Spiritual: explain the 3 factors that made it successful -Spaniards brought Christianity to the Phil (1565)
- 1. Islam didnt have a widespread influence in the Phil, except in Sulu and Mindanao - 2. colonization in the Philippines wasnt as gory as that of Mexico and Peru - 3. Animism and Catholicism were compatible (Catholic monotheism/Bathala; believe in good and evil spirits) 2. What is the Patronato Real de las Indias?

- Royal Patronage of the Church in the Indies
- dependent relationship of the Spanish clergy and colonial rule was built on this - The Crown = provides financial support and protection; controls Church activities 3. Describe the decline of discipline among religios friars. - involvement of the friars in worldly affairs

- corrupted by power
- increased conflict between religious order and the church hierarchy - building up a secular clergy to replace religious order
> more Indio priests
4. Who were the Ilustrados and what were their contributions to the society during the Spanish era? - intelligent middle class Filipinos that studied in Spain
-Graciano Lopez Jaena, Antonio Luna, Jose Rizal, Mariano Ponce and Marcelo del Pilar -they gave Filipinos a perspective that led them to fight for salvation and their rights 5. Describe the significance of the Congress of Malolos for the Church and State. -it stated basic civil rights and that people had exclusive sovereignty -Aguinaldo considered it as "the first crystallization of democracy" 6. What was the Cavite Revolt?

-started by the FIlipinos in Cavite who were inspired by the execution of Father Jose Burgos, Mariano Gomez, and Jacinto Zamora to have a Propaganda Movement 7. Describe the connection between the US Govt and the Ilustrado elite. -since US govt won against the Ilustrados, they hoped to put down those who resisted against the US rule in the Phil 8. How did the American Protestant missionaries view the Roman Catholics? -Americans doubted...
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