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Reflection 5Students Can Improve by Studying their Learning Processes Before I started my student-teaching at the UBHS, I listed down some of my observations with the Grade 8 students like their strengths and weaknesses. This is why I formulated my goals and objectives that I need to achieve in order to address these concerns when I will be teaching them. Most of the students are actively participating but there are times that they are too active to handle. When they get bored during the discussion, they start talking creating nuisance and distraction on the teacher’s part. On the other hand, most of them also are expressive into sharing their feelings and experiences to the class. When I ask them what they felt unto a certain experience, they can describe this in details. But when I tell them to write it as an essay or in few paragraphs, they are unable to do so. Moreover, I also observed that students keep making the same error during Science classes especially in the problem-solving activities. The worst part is that they don’t really mind if they fail maybe, because most of them are doing it. I can foresee that this is becoming a habit and when they are promoted to the next level, it would be the same problem all over again unless they decide to change this cycle. It’s a good thing that I read this article when I was preparing my orientation with the class before I would be their teacher. At the very first day that I entered the room as their teacher, I introduced my rules on behavior, attitude and classroom management. Along with attitude, I told them that in my class, “Science is not only about intellect but it also includes perseverance, determination and other virtues they should keep in mind.” I shared to them what I read in this article, that they should know their learning processes in order to improve not only their grades but also their learning strategies. “According to the principles of learning, Learning is an active process which is activated...
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