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Education plays an important role in shaping an individual’s career. The level of education helps people to earn recognition and respect in the society. Undoubtedly education is both socially & personally an indispensible part of human life. However the inequalities in the standards of education are still a major issue that needs to be solved as early as it could be. The importance of education is our life cannot be ignored at any cost. Education is the only way to get knowledge. For instance, you can gain huge amount of information by reading books for the subject you are interested in such as current affairs, mathematics, exchange rates and so on. Better education can make a person more civilized and useful for the society. One cannot image a prosperous life without appropriate education. Education also helps to develop healthy surroundings. Every object that a mankind creates is based over the knowledge that he attains through education. The more the society develops the more life becomes dependent over education. The main idea behind assisting scientists to invent devices and equipments are result of good education. Though education plays a major role in shaping our society still on an average it is seen that education is not the same (or not as good as it should be) in different areas. Every year government is taking huge efforts and plan strategies to maintain the quality of education everywhere because the development of a nation is dependent directly upon the standard of its education. Life would be detrimental and disastrous without quality education. Hence it is the prime duty of mankind to try to make education available in every part of the world. Education helps us in many ways as discussed below-

· Education makes people healthier.
· Education helps to save many lives.
· Education boosts economic growth.
· Education helps us to earn money.
· Education helps to raise crop.
· Education fosters peace in the society and among nations. · Education...
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