“Education Is an Admirable Thing, but It Well to Remember from Time to Time That Nothing That Is Worth Knowing Can Be Taught” Oscar Wilde

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“Education is an admirable thing, but it well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught” Oscar Wilde

I just admire this guy! I really like all of his sayings, because all of them are deep, full of wisdom and simple. So, a couple of words about him, just in memory of his talent.

Oscar Wilde lived not long, only forty-six years. He died in Paris in December 1900. With him ended the nineteenth century - at the calendar, and, in fact. Wilde experienced the glory that rarely comes to the writer. For his contemporaries he was more than an essayist, playwright and author of fairy tales. He was a figure who embodied the spirit of his time. Wilde was regarded as the personification of decadence, which is characterized by denial of citizenship in the art, the cult of beauty as the highest value in art. In life, Wilde was unusual in everything. He immediately attracted attention, appearing on the streets: sophisticated negligence of the suit, flower in his buttonhole, a scarab ring.

And in his work he was exactly the same. He took delight in teasing the simple-minded people, to prove again and again that art - was like a beautiful toy: no need to demand from it lessons of wisdom and moral teachings. With all of his force he was trying to prove that there was no seriousness on his pages. People shouldn’t have expected from him anything but, wit, ingenuity and ability to deceive those who adore the common sense beyond measure. Imagination, improvisation were always valued by him higher than the skill and precise calculation.

He knew this life, and because of this knowledge he was in love with beauty. Maybe you’ve never noticed it, but look around! Do you see how ugly the present life? It’s enslaved by vulgarity and practicality, the smoke smelling streets, anthill-cities, where people have dim, dull eyes, empty head and flabby muscles. That’s how Wilde saw the world, so his meaning of life, his ultimate goal was to keep and...
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