education in prison

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Garrett Lorberau
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Prisoners Need College
Let’s just say you have no money to support your family because you can’t get a job. The reason you can’t get a job is because you don’t have the proper education to be hired. This is the problem for most repeat criminals are facing. But even though they are stuck in this endless circle of crime and struggle there is hope. That hope is them getting an education in prison in which they have been in and out of many times. Many would ask why they would want my tax money to go toward teaching criminals, or why they need an education so badly, and even why should I help.

Whether you believe it or not a large amount of our tax payer money goes into running our prisons. According to Emily Deruy, a Stanford graduate “tax payers spend up to $70 billion each year to house the nation’s two or three million prisoners” (2). You would think that they would try to spend more money to keep them from returning to prison. Not only will educating the prisoners make it possible for them to stay out of prison in the years to come, it also means they will become tax payers themselves thus increasing our countries tax income. ”The Florida Department of Corrections confirmed this when they performed an audit calculating a ratio of $1.66 return for every taxpayer dollar invested, and a return of $3.53 for every dollar invested in inmates who completed degrees”(Kirchner). Buy giving prisoners a education you not only help them you are saving the states money.

A education isn’t just a way to pass the time for these prisoners it is a new beginning. These prisoners don’t want to go back to the way they were living before they want to get a job, to support a family and make an honest living. New York State Corrections Commissioner Doris Buffett says “The men are determined to use this opportunity to make better lives for themselves and their families” (Skorton 2). That is why they choose...

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