Education and Wall Map

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Lesson plan in Ed Tech
Learning Objectives
The students will be able to:
Find their own school location on a world map
Identify major parts of a world map (land, oceans, rivers, etc.)
Mark selected countries on the same map
Understand that they will be working on a project that will also be done by students in other countries, and in different parts of their own country
Understand that they will use the computers and the Internet to share information with these other schools and students
Children’s book (see Related Children's Books)
List of project participants
3x5 Cards
Medium sized container
Wall map of the world
Push pins and post-it notes
A folder for each student
Student copies of a world map or student atlases
Time: Approximately four hours spread over a one week period.
Teacher Preparation:
Obtain a list of the participating schools; this can be found in the Project Data section off of the main project web site.
On 3x5 cards write the school name, country, state/providence, city/town and address for each participating school. On the back of the card write a number or a letter.
Fold cards and place into medium size container.
On large wall map locate each school and tape a long piece of string on the location. At the other end of the string, staple an new index card with the corresponding letter or number you previous record on the 3x5 card for that school. If you need assistance finding the location of some of the schools try using (click on the "Online Map" link and enter in as much information as you have for the school's location).
Assemble student folders and place a student world map or atlas in each folder.
Activity #1: Project Introduction
For this activity, do the following:
1. Introduce this lesson by reading aloud one or more of the books listed below (or choose a similar book). The goal is to engage the students’ interest and curiosity and to get them

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