Education and Life

Topics: Education, Teacher, Graduation Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: November 12, 2014
To my fellow students, respected school administrators, beloved parents and teachers. A heartwarming day to all you. It is a great honor for this opportunity to speak on behalf of the graduating class batch 2013-2014. Fellow classmates, today is an important day in our lives as we are about to close the door on one chapter of our lives and prepare to take the next. Graduation is a new start with new opportunities. Now as we leave this campus and move onto the next chapters of lives we will carry with us not only the things we learned from the books, but also the lessons life has taught us. It is as if it was only yesterday since we first stepped in the High School of Tres Niños, four years ago. We were nervous, thinking what is it feels like to be a high school students. It has been four years since we struggle for hard years of learning, searching for our dreams, altogether, the allotted precious times of joy and sadness with friends and classmates. But also know that amidst our struggles, there were people watching our back; people who taught us the way of life and God; people whom we owe thanks and love. We did not fight this alone. We had comrades. We had mentors. We had God. Most of all we had parents. We have them as long as we live. With this opportunity we would like to thank our teachers for being our second parents, all of you have been a mentor of life, we will always be thankful for all the hard work and effort you have put in, for educating us. We found guidance, discipline and love, not just by being a teacher but also as a friend, mentor and guide. Every one of you gave us inspiring words which made a difference in our lives. Without you we would’ve been lost. Thank you for guiding and molding us. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning. Thank you for your constant support and encouragement. Every one of you deserves big thanks for everything and all of you are the best! To our parents, first of all we want to thank...
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