Education and Comparative Summary

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Comparative Summary
In this essay “How the Web Destroy the Quality of Students’ Research papers” David Rothenberg (1997) complains that web has destroyed the quality of students’ research papers with “a disturbing decline in both the quality of the writing and the originality of the thoughts expressed”. D.M.Sadker and M.P.Sadker (2003) discuss multiple eight intelligences and emotional intelligence in their book. Similarity:

According to David Rothenberg (1997), the web has made an influence on education. Similarly, D.M.Sadker and M.P.Sadker (2003) also think intelligences play a role in education. Difference:
However, in contrast to David Rothenberg (1997), who believes web has destroyed the quality of students’ research papers and makes students be lazy, D.M.Sadker and M.P.Sadker (2003) propose that teachers should use intelligences wisely and teach students in diverse ways, because a single IQ or even EQ score is unlikely to capture the range of their abilities and skills. David Rothenberg (1997) thinks he needs to teach students how to read and think, away from computers, but D.M.Sadker and M.P.Sadker (2003) aim at future teachers’ teaching method.

My opinion:
From my perspective, the web is just a tool to find information, just like books. Honestly, someone benefit from it and someone from it. So how to wisely use tools including web to collect, summarize, evaluate or critically think about information and how to separate what is valuable from what is worthless in any kind of resource is more important. And intelligences scores are just some indicators to ones’ abilities. For teachers and parents, they should use these predictors to give their students or children some help to make them be better and achieve more progress. For themselves, they can fully develop their advantages and train themselves to overcoming disadvantages according to these indicators.

David Rothenberg (1997). How the Web Destroy...
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