EDU 673 Week 2 Journal

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Reflect for a moment on your own classroom environment or on a favorite classroom environment from your own schooling. Are there (or were there) clear rules that emphasize what students should do rather than what they should not do? How will (or did) it change student performance? Are (or were) students called on equitably? How does it (or did it) change the learning environment? Do you greet each student (or were you greeted) every day? How will you make sure your classroom environment will promote student responsibility, self-awareness as a learner, and learning for the satisfaction of learning?

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Key Principles of Effective Differentiation . Analyze the five key principles of effective differentiation and discuss which of the five will be the most difficult for you to embrace with a ―fluid or ―growth mindset.‖ What are the obstacles you see that will inhibit implementing the principles in your current or future educational setting? Which of the five is the easiest to accept? Why?

Guided Response: Review at least two of your classmates’ postings and suggest ways that may help them change their fixed mindset about the principle that is difficult for them to embrace. Share examples from your own educational experience that address any of the five principles.

Educational Neuroscience . Educational neuroscience is an exciting new discipline that brings together research from psychology, neuroscience and pedagogy to help educators make the best curriculum, instructional and assessment choices for effective learning. Locate an article in the Ashford Online Library that investigates findings from cognitive and neuroscientific research. Provide a brief summary of the article and explain how the findings could be translated into what educators do in schools and classro...

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