economic problems

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Five economic problems and five social problems of the philippines? social:
1. lack of individualism. don't need to abandon social structures totally. 2. colonial mentality. royalty, status symbols, subservience 3. western influence. don' love their own
4. parinig system
5. authoritarian
1. leaders are mostly landowners who don't know how to make a profit 2. consumers are lured by too many commercial establishments like KFC, McDo, Jollibee, Levis, etc. even those who cannot really afford are lured to buy instead of save. 3. lack of effective social services programs

4. pork barrell does not benefit people but the politicians only 5. too much imported goods
Solution to Economic Problems of Philippines
By John Mangun:
To even the most astute observer whose sympathies might lie with the current administration, it would seem from the results of the last national election that the government of the Philippines was populated with thieves, intellectual dwarfs, and other assorted clowns with high name recognition. However, an occasional jewel of competency and perception can be found in government even if the press and media is so unaware of the fact. There are basically three attitudes displayed when it comes to talking about improving the Philippine economy. The government, as embodied in the inauguration speech of President Arroyo, tells us what needs to be done, that the administration will do it, and offers no plan or direct solution in public. The pro-poor believes that the economic pie will never get any bigger and would prefer everyone be equal…and poor while trying to get a few more crumbs for its constituent base. Their agenda is to raise the "poor" to higher standards; an extra can of sardines each day. They intend to achieve this by forcing those who are wealthier to eat sardines also. The "moneyed elite" (probably you and me) has a different personal solution. They ignore the big picture while concentrating on prospering in and protecting their own small world. Nevertheless, there is a bigger picture that needs to be examined and solutions developed that fit reality, outside of political considerations. Department of Trade and Industry Secretary, former SGV Chair Cesar Purisima, gave one of the most comprehensive, enlightening, and realistic appraisals of the Philippine economic situation I have heard in many years. Of course, you will not have read his observations any place else and I take pleasure in liberally quoting from his remarks as delivered before the Supreme Court as Oral Arguments in connection with the Motion for Reconsideration on the Constitutionality of the Mining Act. Bear in mind though that this man has shown he knows his business in other comments made since his appointment. While the former occupant of the office concentrated on importing "no-value added" call centers, Secretary Purisima said this a few months ago; "If we would be able to help improve (Existing Filipino) SMEs' productivity level, its impact on our country would be tremendous. The country could generate over 800,000 new jobs if each SME would add one employee". If we had spent as much time helping Filipino business in the last years as we did "attracting foreigners', we really might have created jobs. While we need foreign call centers, we also need to support Filipinos creating jobs for Filipinos. Truthfully though, you need to understand the problem before you can attempt to fix it. Purisima does that and the conclusions based on the President's speech are disturbing. The President sets as a goal for her administration the creation of "even ten million new jobs" in the next six years. Of course, this is not a perfect world. However, the facts are these: "As of the latest survey by the National Statistics Office, 5 million Filipinos are unemployed (and) an average of 1.8 million Filipinos enter our labor force every year". According the statements of Sec. Purisima that means the President and her...
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