Economic Factors of Recycling

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Economic Factors of Recycling

The environmental factors of recycling are wildly known but little is discussed of the economic factors, recycling does provide benefits and adds value to an economy. For example, in the United States of America, these benefits stem from the jobs, products manufactured and sales generated by the recycling industry. National recycling efforts are responsible for maintaining hundreds of thousands of the US every year. The Economic Factors of Recycling

Increased Wages: Recycling provides more employment per pound than waste disposal. The recycling industry offer more jobs opportunities each year and adds more money to the economy through payroll than traditional waste removal means. For example, in the US, the Pennsylvania DEP (Development of environmental Protection) reports that the recycling industries pays an annual payroll of $2.2 billion. The California Integrated Waste Management Board reports that recycling just one ton pays $101 more in salaries and wages than landfill disposal. Increased Product Manufacture: Recycling provides economically friendly goods as recycled material costs far less to manufacture than raw material costs to harvest. Mining, transport and synthetic production generate costs far exceeding those required to recycle and provide fewer jobs. The recycling industry provides more goods and services than traditional waste disposal as well. For example, in the US, according to the California IWMB, recycling generates $275 more in goods and services per ton than landfill usage. Increased Product Sale: The sales of recycled materials and goods are also economically beneficial.  The sale of recycled materials or goods manufactured from recycled materials benefits local, state and national economies with easily replenished recyclable materials. For example, in the US, The Pennsylvania DEP reports annual sales receipts generated from recycling at $20.6 billion. The California...
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