Eco-terrorism and Forest Product Company

Topics: Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front, Eco-terrorism Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: October 15, 2012
What perceived problems are the extremist environmental and animal rights groups trying to solve? Are the actions of these organizations effective? Are these alternatives to eco-terrorism that would be more successful?

Environmental damages are the inevitable issue. Many people realize that we should protect the environment, but they just neglect to do it. However, some group of people protected the environment in the wrong way. According to Manning (2012), “ Eco-terrorism can be defined as the act of violence or sabotage against person and property commit and support animal right activist.” There are some organizations that participate in it such as ELF and ALF. ELF stands for the Earth Liberation Front. The most notorious action of ELF comprise of burning a ski resort, terminate the office of a forest product company and blow up the university labs. In January, The members of ELF blew up a building trailer parked at the university of Minnesota caused $40,000 (Gassett, 2012). Moreover, ALF or Animal Liberation Front has been launched in order to prevent torture and murder animal. Many people argued whether eco-terrorism is crime or not because some people found out that the environmental activists related in illegal activity. There are numerous causes to these difficult problems. First of all, the earth liberation front aims to attack the institutions that harm the environment. So they decided to do the inappropriate act like destroy the organization that harms the environment and so on. Secondly, there are numerous animals that harmed by human per year, so ALF have been launched in other to protect their rights. To illustrate, if you own MacDonald, ALF might burn your company because the major product of MacDonald made by beefs, pork, and chicken. Furthermore, the worsen action between people occurs because some people are against eco-terrorism whereas some people are support it. So they do everything to satisfy their need. There are some feasible...
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