Eco- School Project

Topics: Environment, Natural environment, Environmentalism Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: February 16, 2013
ARE YOUR SCHOOL GREEN? This is what all parents worried about. Well, all parents want their child to be in a safe and comfortable environment. So, this is why Eco- School Project stand for.

The aim of eco- school project is to raise awareness among the students on the environmental issue and world perspectively. Locally right now there are only 2 schools are involved in the eco- school project . Our school was one of it. Currently, our school have conducted some activities for the eco-school project. The energy group had the pre-earth hour launch of green Friday. Up to now, our school have the continuously green Friday launch which is, every Friday, classrooms upper and lower secondary have only one air-conditioner on or preferably both off, and one sets of lights off until 8.50am for lower sec and 9am for higher sec. Even the staffroom and admin office are all compliant. So that’s the on going efforts of eco group.

As we all know, the world is very aware of environmental issue, so it’s important for kids especially school to know what can they do, not only in school, if you know what you can do in school you can imperative at home. For example: Taking part at home for the international earth hour by switching off your lights for an hour or even just consider when you are not in your room , don’t leave lights, air-conditioner on. On the rainy day, you can use your fan instead of your air-conditioner. Just to know basic that you can and that’s the impact of the environment. Moreover, there are a lot of advantages of being an eco-school, on top of being like the rest of the world, in a long run you will benefit your future. If you know how or what you are doing today is affecting environment and how it were create a change reaction effect your future , you can actually SAVE YOUR FUTURE! If you start later, means the whole process gonna start later and sometimes certain damage cannot be reverse . Since its very important for school kids to be involve. our...
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