Eco Friendly Fabric

Topics: Textile, Fiber, Silk Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Type of Eco Friendly Fabric
Modal Fabric
Hemp Fabric(大麻)
Tencel Fabric(天丝)
Milk protein fabric
Recycled Pet Fabric
Soybean Fabric

Modal Fabric
Modal fiber is a new kind of regenerated cellulose fiber produced by FCFC (Formosa Chemicals & fiber Corporation), called Formotex fiber. Its key advantage is its high tensile strength. Compared with Viscose, Its Wet/dry Tenacity is 1.5 times higher. Due to the high quality of the fiber, the resultant yarn is also of high quality. The definition stipulates minimum values concerning the wet modulus and fiber breaking resistance on fiber state. Modal fiber satisfies these requirements. Modal is a green fiber. The solvent used during Modal production process is easily recycled without any contamination, since it is extracted from pure wood.

Hemp Fabric
Hemp fabrics are well known for their earthy, natural character reflecting the biologic and mechanical processes used to produce these beautiful fabrics. The variations in the yarn and natural color of truly natural hemp fabric gives these hemp textiles their timeless beauty and style. We primarily offer hemp fabric produced in Romania, but we also offer a variety of beautiful hemp and hemp blend fabrics from China. All fabrics listed are sold by the yard. Also wholesale hemp textiles.

Tencel Fabric
Tencel (lyocell) is a recently (as of 2010) developed artificial fiber. It is the only fiber to be invented in the last 30 years. Unlike polyester or nylon, it is made not from a completely synthetic polymer but rather from wood-based cellulose. You can find pure Tencel fabric or Tencel fabric contains other types of fibers. Fabric can either be made completely from Tencel or combined with other materials to reduce costs. Fabric made from short Tencel fibers has a feel very much like cotton. It does, however, resist wrinkling and does not shrink. Longer Tencel fibers give fabric a smooth, silky feel. These fabrics fall beautifully and can be used in...
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