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Business Proposal: Final Paper


May 16, 2011

My wife started her photography business roughly four years ago, and as word of mouth has spread, she has continued to build a strong customer base. We quickly converted our three season’s room into a studio and over the past two years she has outgrown this space. In this small space, she tried to display her work, have props available and take pictures. This space was just not large enough. As if it was meant to be, a building that she has had her eye on since we moved to town was available, a week later and we now have the keys with big plans. Planning and Operating

Currently, we are in the middle of moving her photography studio from our home to a new downtown location. The new space is over 1,500 square feet of studio space with a full basement for storage of props. With such a large space, she has decided to open a boutique store along with her new studio. She is going to incorporate the merchandise throughout her space so it still feels like a studio, but items will be for sale throughout the store/studio. She is going to be selling some of her most popular items that she uses for props. Instead of buying props, outfits and boutique items for families to use during the sessions, she is going offer a small boutique line that will be open during the week to the public. The boutique will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for shopping, and then she will be holding photo sessions on the weekends. The move will take her business to the next step. This new location will benefit her and it will benefit her pictures. Space is a must when you are working with children and larger groups in photography and this building has plenty of open space to catch all of those fun smiles. This also gives back to the customers, it gives them a more professional feeling when they show up for pictures. It will be a win for both the customers and the photographer. Market Structure

The market...
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