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Topics: School terminology, Final examination, Goods Pages: 7 (641 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Final Eco 372 - Research Paper - Sgmlola

2/27/14, 4:28 PM

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Final Eco/372
By sgmlola, october 2012 | 6 Pages (1492 Words) | 105 Views School: uop | Course Title: eco/372 | Professor: maxim| (3) |

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ECO/372– Principles of Macroeconomics – Final Exam Study Guide 2012

1. the market where business sell goods and services to households and the government is called
a. goods market XXX
b. factor market
c. capital market
d. money market

2. Real gross domestic product is best defined as
a. the market value of intermediate goods and services produced in an economy including exports is the web's

b. all goods and services produced in an economy, stated in prices in a given

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year and multiplied by quantity

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c. the market value of all final goods and services produced in an economy

every day with over 1,600,000

stated in the prices of a given year XXX
d. the market value of goods and services produced in an economy stated in current year prices

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3. underemployment includes
a. who work off the books to avoid paying taxes
b. who are working part time or not using all their skills at a fulltime job XXX c. who are tired of looking for a job so they quit looking but still want one d. whose skills are not in demand anymore

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ECO 372 Final Exam Guide

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Final Eco 372 - Research Paper - Sgmlola


2/27/14, 4:28 PM

5. The federal reserve provides which of the following data
a. federal funds rate XXX

ECO 372 Final Exam Guide
...ECO 372 Final Exam Guide

b. stock price of GE


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c. bond yields of corporation

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6. Consider if the government instituted a 10% income tax surcharge. In terms of the AS/AD model this change should have
a. shifted the AD curve to the left XXX
b. shifted the AD curve to the right
c. made the AD curve flatter
7. The largest source of household income is in the U.S. is obtained a. stock dividends
b. wages and salaries XXX
c. interest earnings
d. rental income
8. If the depreciation of a country’s currency increases it aggregate expenditures by 20, the AD curve will
a. shift right by more than 20 XXX
b. shift right by less than 20
c. shift right by exactly 20... [continues]

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Final Eco 372 - Research Paper -...
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