Eco Defense

Topics: Rhetoric, Natural environment, Nature Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Environment is the precious gift given by nature to us. It is the basic necessity of humans to survive. It includes all the forests, rivers, oceans, atmosphere, etc. As it is precious, some of the people are trying to destroy it. The American wilderness is under huge assault. Edward Abbey wrote Eco-Defense to address the threats to the environment and suggesting taking steps to protect it from depleting. The author uses ethos, pathos, and logos by addressing the various threats to the American wilderness and asking us to protect it from the assault by the big corporations and rich people. Right to defend own life is a natural born right of every person. Each individual has the right to defend himself, his family, and his property. It is our natural born right. The author says that If a stranger batters your door down with an axe, threatens your family and yourself with a deadly weapon, and proceed to loot your home or whatever he wants, he is committing a universally recognized- by law and in common morality- as crime. In such situation the house holder has both the right and the obligation to defend himself, his family, and his property by whatever means are necessary (Abbey 344). It is revealing the author reaction to those big corporations who are looting the American wilderness by cutting forests and destroying the wildlife. It is making huge impact on our ecosystem and in unsecure for our coming generation. In this context the author is using pathos. He is relation this to human emotions by putting them to the situation and making them to think what they would done. The usage of pathos is effective because someone who is reading can relate this to his own life and property and think what he or she can do to defend himself or herself. The big corporations are destroying the Mother Nature by cutting forests, mining, polluting for their short term profit. Abbey blames them for the deletion of natural resources and changing environment. The...
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