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Hospitals, healthcare system, Physicians practices don’t know the actual costs of their service, their responsibilities, their part to state the persons healthcare and secure the health information secrete. They are always trying to improve the way of therapy effectively and control the cost of service by providing a satisfactory care to the customers/patient. There is another question of cost effective health delivering services. Need to develop a new technology that will easy to access patient and care providers, and also physicians learn from the previous experiences to avoid mistakes and improving health service with the ease of data entry, reliability, easy to learn, vendor training program, customer support, interactive with other providers, satisfaction of both care provider and patient. There is one newly developed service called as E-clinic works satisfied the all requirement. The e-clinic concept concerned with the re-engineering, comprehensive current framework in order to keep up with the ever changing complex health care delivery system. It will provide the Shared-care or Managed Care program in order to delivering of the chronic diseases. It will provide a more robust platform to integrate clinical guidelines and local care flow process in the delivery system. E clinic media releases

E clinic is the newly invented health informatics techniques to deliver test results to medical practitioners and streamline administration tasks more securely and reducing the time of service. * Using a macromedia-based Web site from online medical services aggregator e-clinic, doctors are able to deliver tests results and patient history faster as well streamline previously time consuming administrative tasks. * E-clinic enables to receive patient’s radiological and pathological information’s over the internet more securely and conveniently. * E-clinic site also providing on line facilities to practitioners regard to assess the latest medical and top braking news stories of the day and online ordering of a samples from pharmaceutical companies. * E-clinic also enables to purchase of medical consumables such as surgical gloves and swabs on line. Here is the benefits of one the health care service providing health care firms called as NetMed Care Center, and also a video demonstration how easily you can get the health service, and getting your prescription from the pharmacy. Benefits: -

1. No hassle to getting the quality care of health service 2. Physical and mental care
3. Economically affordable and competitive to regular check up 4. Works for both insured as well as uninsured
5. Just need appointment no waiting room to spending a long time to consult with physician 6. Keeps electronic records
7. Keeps secure of personal health records
8. Efficient to patient time
9. Quick response and quick outcomes
10. Treat, educate, monitor, prevent
Link for video demonstration of how e-clinic works: - E-clinic web application software works in internet or intranet, it’s work for different users like patient, clinic assistants, general practitioners (GP) and clinic manager are able to get the information about the book appointment, Queue status, check their medical records online, billing information, drug issued to patient record, patient medical information and diagnosis information during a consulting session. Here is a scratch diagram show the E-clinic software application to get the information is stated below: -

Various fields of application works of e-clinic:-
Patient portal
Through the e-clinic works web based patient portal. Patient and physicians...
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