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Topics: Brain, Human brain, Cerebellum Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Communication Disorders
Source #1
A source that can be used to learn more about the difficulties associated with stuttering is the website Summary of the resource:
The Stuttering Foundation (A non-profit organization) website offers several forms of information on this topic. When you are on the homepage, click on the “resource tab “. There you will find sources such as: brochures, free e-books, translations, videos, and newsletters to name a few. This site also lists names of famous people who stutter. Among other sources on this website, I found a book titled Trouble at Recess: A Sure Hit. How does it support language acquisition in children?

This book was written by an 8 year old child. The pictures used in this book were drawn by children. Therefore, because a child wrote this book and because children’s artwork is in this book, it is very easy for most children to relate to and understand this book. This young author tells the story of how children cope with stuttering when other children aren’t nice or understanding of their situation. How will you use it specifically for your future professional role? The Stuttering Foundation and the book that can be accessed through this website can be used in the classroom to conduct activities and to bring knowledge to the children and teachers about the disorder. The books can be read to the children at circle time and the activities can be brought into small group settings or even when the children are having free-choice time. Source #2

Article: “Disconnection of Speech-Relevant Brain Areas in Persistent Development Stuttering.” Summary of the resource: this article explains the connection between the brain and stuttering. How does it support language acquisition in children?

This article supports language acquisition in children by observing the English language and illustrations of the human brain. How will you use it specifically for your future professional role? I...
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