Eat Drink Man Women ( the Movie)

Topics: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Marriage Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Eat Drink and LIVE
Eat drink Man Woman is a film that is set in another Taiwan. This movie follows three young women and their dad. The movie also follows other characters who are very close friends of the family. The dad in the movie is master chu, He is a widowed master chief who has raised his three daughters. His daughter’s names are Jia-Jen who is his youngest, Jia-Chien who is the middle daughter and Jia-Ning who is the eldest of chu’s daughters. In this movie the women all lead very different lives, Though they live different lives when it comes to finding love, dealing with their dad and making family announcement the women are all similar.

The women are all pretty young and seem to all be very kind hearted. Jia-Jen finds love unexpectedly. She works at Wendy’s. Their she witness a coworker disregard her boyfriend’s feelings. Jia-Jen is nice so she tries to help the young man thru what he thinks is heart break. In the process they end up falling in love with each other. Jia-Chein is very powerful in her career. She is an airline executive who is in a meaningless relationship with an old boyfriend. She is unable to really find love because she is stuck in the pass with her ex. She meets a man who she is interested in but she thinks he is the guy who broke her sister’s heart back in college. She ends up ending the relationship with the ex and finding inner peace. Jia-Ning is a high school chemistry teacher. Her sisters think she should try harder to find love but she is content as she is. She has everyone believing she can’t love someone again because of a love in college who broke heart, This story was made up. She catches the eye of a new gym teacher at the school. She at first ignores his advances but soon gives in and ends up falling for him.

The girls all had a strange relationship with their dad. Jia-Chien and her dads relationship is the strangest of the girls. She is so much like her dad and he knows that so it keeps them at ends with each...
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