Charaacter Analysis of Lindo Jong

Topics: Marriage, Family, Novel Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Character Analysis for the Joy Luck Club:
Lindo Jong

In the novel, The Joy Luck club one on my favorite static characters was Lindo Jong. Lindo endured many traumatic experiences as a young girl, created a good life in America and raised many gifted children. To me she seemed like a very unique character in the story. As a child, Lindo lived in China. At an early age she was promised to marry a boy whom she did not even know. After a flood destroyed their home, her family was forced to leave her behind with her future husband’s family. Her mother-in-law was completely awful to her, basically treating Lindo as her own personal slave. But Lindo is very tricky and mischievous. She has an “invisible strength” which allows her to think more in depth and plan efficiently. Luckily she uses this strength to unravel a way to end her disagreeable marriage without dishonoring her parent’s wishes and breaking their promise to her husband’s family. When she came to America Lindo wanted to have a prosperous Chinese American life. She quickly got remarried and had three children. She began going to the Joy Luck Club meetings to be around her friends. Her best friend, Suyuan Woo is the one who normally wins the games of Mah-Jong but all the women still have a wonderful time playing. As a devoted mother she wanted her children to be accustomed to the American culture and to excel at American things but she did not want them to forget their Chinese heritageWaverly, Lindo’s only daughter doesn’t really respect or listen to her. Lindo even begins to believe Waverly is ashamed of her. But Lindo was always exceptionally proud of Waverly, especially proud of her plethora of chess awards. She always encouraged Waverly to be the best she could be. Lindo and Suyuan constantly try to outdo each other using their daughters. It makes Waverly and Suyuan’s daughter Ani-Mei not get along very well because Waverly always seems better than Jing-Mei. Lindo despises that Waverly had become...
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