Earth Quake in Pakistan

Topics: Pakistan, Earth, Earthquake Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 26, 2006
Great nations are tested by great trials. Only those who stand united and firm, pass through the great storms of time. History remembers the great nation is golden words. The litmus tests are ordained by Allah Almighty to examine his beloved ones. Muslims, being the closer to the faith have always been tested, be it in Palestine, Kashmir, or Pakistanis Since the inception of the country, it has been made to pass through great difficulties. In the beginning it was the refugees, non-existent government machinery, then the 65 and 71 wars and the dismemberment and later the drought and floods. Recently the world community and even the nation itself had started to think that the great nation, the Pakistanis were growing senseless to their own state of distress. The earth shaking earth quake of 8th October, proved the mendacity (falsehood) of the idea. The nation witnessed the worst natural disaster on the 8th of October when an earth quake of the intensity of 7.6 was recorded on the rector scale. It shattered the nation. In the federal capital the Margalla towers were razed to the ground. The northern areas and parts of N. W. F.P. were virtually eaten up by the cruel earth. A whole generation of people was annihilated. The schools, colleges, government offices and army barracks were wiped out. Communication was impossible as all the telephone lines and boosters were destroyed. The whole cities were gone with the earth quake. People had to suffer the agony of witnessing their loved ones dying and could not do anything. However through the darkness of the distress came the lights of hope. As soon as the reports started coming in from the northern areas and FATA, people from Karachi to Islamabad, rose up in unison to help their brethren. Loads of blankets, tents, medicines, food stuff and other materials of necessity started to gather at PAF Museum Karachi. The halls of Edhi Centers all over the country filled with required goods. Those who were still more motivated went...
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