Earth and Human Activity

Topics: Earth, Precipitation, Global warming Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Is Earth really being Harmed by Human Activity?

In my opinion, the Earth is definitely being harmed or should I say damaged by human activity. It is quite obvious when we look around us, when we see read and watch the news, and when we research for ourselves. I believe the major cause in the damage of the Earth all began with the introduction of industrialization. As a result of industrialization, pollution came about. Deforestation was inevitable because of the expansion of urban developments. Another big player in the Earth’s damage is global warming, which is getting quite a lot of attention in these recent times.

Let’s take the great state of Texas, and where I grew up, for example. Within the last two decades, many factories have been built to sustain the states economy. Areas that were once beautiful plains and forest are now covered with buildings and roads. The fresh water lakes were once clean enough to bathe in and use the water to cook, but now are dirty, and filled with muck. More and more the states population has become more ill due to this pollution. It is very obvious that the cause of this deadly pollution is industrialization. In other large states in the U.S., industrialization is on a much larger scale so you can imagine the extent of the pollution. We also have to look at China where there is more industry than the U.S., the Middle East and South America with the oil fields. Mostly every country on the earth has some form of industry, whether it is oil fields, factories or industrial plants, covering the Earth with pollution. All these different areas of industrialization have to eliminate waste matter which is mainly given off in chemical form. The chemical wastes, either runs off into the ground and eventually into our lakes and water supplies, or goes up via smoke and diffused in to the atmosphere that we breathe, therefore slowly killing us and our mother Earth.

In order for industry to grow and with the earth...
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