Early Childhood

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When we see children playing with others or by themselves, we tend to think of them as ‘just playing’, when in reality they are developing important skills, habits and attitudes they will use in everyday life. When children play they learn how to cope with their emotions, continue to try to improve and learn to share with others. Children are not generally taught how to play, they use their imagination and creativity. Through play, children can be totally themselves. Interaction with others is critical in the process. Play is especially meaningful for young children, although it is important for all ages to engage in. For children, playing is their ‘work’ or their ‘job’. Play in children is so important because there are three ways children benefit from it. Children who play advance their skill development, social development and their imagination and creativity. Play promotes sensory exploration and motor skills.(1,1) Through play infants learn to coordinate movements of their hands and eyes. They like objects they can manipulate and feel, this helps them learn problem solving skills. Infants have to practice, acquire then improve their skills in order to obtain their goal. (1,2) Playing with other children is very important in the development of social skills. Playful social interactions occur from the moment of birth. Learning how to get along with others, follow directions and share are definitely promoted when children can play with other children. When playing, a child’s imagination and creativity can be expressed. A child can pretend and demonstrate knowledge of other roles, such as pretending to be a fire fighter, or doctor..etc. When using their imaginations, children can work through their own ideas, and release any aggressive impulses. (1,2) Play will help with control and independence. Play should not be directed, It should be formed from the children’s ideas. Encouraging children to...
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