Role of Play in Child Development

Topics: Psychology, Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: January 10, 2012
Role of play in child development.

Erikson states that play is a diagnostic tool that tells us about the child, he also believes that two of the major functions are to resolve problems, and creative expression.

Piaget,s 4 stages of cognitive development are

Sensorimotor 0-2 where children begin to act intentionally, for example knocks a mobile.

Pre-operational 2 – 7 classifies objects by a single feature, for example groups together the same colour building blocks.

Concerete operational 7-11 thinks logically about events.
Formal operational 11+, thinks logically, concerned, ideological problems.

Piaget focussed on play as a means of facilitating learning by exposing a child to new experience for dealing with the world. For example boys played in large groups, mainly outdoors, and girls indoor smaller groups. Piaget believed that this “set” the scene, and conditioned children for adulthood -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Play is important for child development as it practices their linguistic, cognitive and social skills, and contributes to their personality development. Children use their minds when playing because they are thinking and acting as though they were another person. They are freeing their thoughts from a focus on concrete objects. Play is important for healthy brain development, and leads to confidence and resilience into adulthood.

Feud believed that play could help children release negative feelings caused by traumatic events and substitute them for more positive ones. Vygotsky’s theory is that “play is the work of childhood”, play serves as a tool of the mind to help children master behaviours, manipulate reality, and develop more complex schemas. Piaget 4 stages of cognitive development ,,,,,,,through his observations of play, believes that children develop moral values while they play role bounded games. Erikson believed that identity...
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