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Topics: United States, Democracy, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: January 28, 2014
The Early American Republic Unit 2 Review
**Answer questions 2–3, 6, 9, and 17 on p. 130.
•What was the Declaration of Independence? What basic propositions did it make? -It was a document declaring American independence and explaining the reasons for it. It denounced the king of England and advanced the idea of natural rights.

•Define natural rights. How did Jefferson use this concept to justify the Declaration of Independence? -They are fundamental rights that all people possess and that governments cannot take away. Jefferson said that the king of England had violated the natural rights of the colonists; therefore, the colonists had no choice but to declare independence.

•What caused the colonists to rebel against the British?
-The colonists resented the new taxes that Britain imposed to help pay for the Seven Years’ War. They opposed taxes without representation in Parliament.

•What did the Revolution accomplish, and what ideas did it set in motion? -The Revolution gained American independence from Britain and gave large land grants to the United States. In the United States, the revolution set in motion ideas about ending slavery and promoting equal rights for women. Around the world, people were inspired to overthrow monarchs, aristocrats, and colonial governments in other countries.

•Think about the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Did the American Revolution succeed at living up to the ideals expressed in this document? Support your answer with info from the text. -Not entirely, because during the Revolution, Loyalists’ and Native Americans’ rights were unprotected and slavery was not outlawed, which fell short of the equality of all people as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

**Answer questions 7–9, 15, and 16 on p. 160.
•What new system of national government did the delegates agree upon at the constitutional convention of 1787? -The delegates agreed to adopt a system that divided power between the...
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