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By ydcyzw Nov 11, 2013 447 Words
“Nations should pass laws to preserve any remaining wilderness areas in their natural state, even if these areas could be developed for economic gain." I partially agree with the statement that nations should pass laws to preserve any remaining wilderness areas in their natural state, even if these areas could be developed for economic gain. However, my contrary viewpoint/standpoint/view might involve in a compromise between development of human beings and preservation for the ecology environment, if which not well be practiced, it quite be possible/likely that which could result in an out-of-control situation. Nevertheless I do not mean we should cease all development activities that are related to nature; otherwise we may be counterproductive. Taking into account the human damage and impact on the natural environment and sometimes it is difficult to accurately estimate, so the preventive protection of wilderness is necessary and required. Since the human race entered the era of agricultural/agricultural revolution, they have been exploited the wilderness even forest at a fast rate, by destroying wetlands in order to raise livestock or devastating/devastating rain-forests for the sake of planting crops. Worse still, after the industrial revolution, the utilization/exploitation of remaining wilderness reached an unprecedented speed. Increasingly, wild areas are being disrupted by humans’ activities for economic gain, which has caused a large number of valuable animals and plants to extinguish、extinction or perish from the earth. Also, the number of endangered animals is still decreasing at present. In order to protect these flora and fauna from extinction, nations ought to pass laws to preserve some wilderness areas so as to provide wildlife with an undisrupted environment. However, when it comes to conserving any wilderness areas, it seems a little bit unrealistic/unrealistic and unnecessary. In the case of the limited capacity of public finances, it seems doubtful that the government can guarantee to protect all wilderness areas. When it comes to some already inaccessible wilderness, it is likely to be a waste of resources/resources for the implementation/ execution/carry out of conservation practices. Furthermore, the balance of man and nature does not mean that absolutely eliminate/eliminate the human impact on the environment. Absolute elimination of human factors in the natural environment is denying that people also as a part of the natural environment. Since it is fact that there exists interaction between human beings and natural environment, absolute elimination of human factors may be another form of environmental damage. In summary, it is wise for people who are integrated into/integrated the environment and in symbiosis with the environment, but not to damage the environment, only in these ways could people live harmoniously with natural environment.

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