The Everglades National Park

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The everglades national park

The everglades national park is located in southern Florida. The variety of this habitat has made it a sanctuary for many animal species even some that are in danger of extinction. Some of the animals that take sanctuary in this national park are an assortment of reptiles such as alligators and snakes, an assortment of birds and even the endangered manatee. The everglades national park was put on the world heritage endangered list in 1993 after the parks superintendent informed the commission of the damage that was done to the park due to the urban growth around the area. The everglade national park was being damaged by many factors due to human interferences. Some of the major interferences were urban growth, lower water levels due to the measures taken to prevent floods in the human populated areas, pollution from fertilizers, and even mercury poisoning to the fish and wildlife. Some spots in the everglades have become so polluted by fertilizers that they can no longer allow the survival of fish. This is due to the fact with the added nitrogen and other chemicals add by humans the growth of the plants and algae in that particular area has limited the oxygen level in the water to almost zero. This prevents the fish from breathing. Many things have been done over the pat few years to protect the everglades from the destruction to this one of a kind habitat for animals and plant that in many cases is only native to the everglades. The most widely publicized action is that in which millions of dollars were invested into returning the water level back to normal in the areas that flood prevention has cause the water to dry up. The preservation of this area has been a largely discussed topic over the past few years. With the areas drying up the world is losing valuable wildlife. The wildlife is migrating into populate areas which is posing a danger for the animals and the humans that populate that...
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