Duties and Responsibilities

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Duties and Responsibilities of; * Waiter * Serves patrons at banquets, special functions, or during normal daily dining room operations. * Takes food and beverage orders from patrons, answers questions regarding prices, substitutions, quality or quantity of menu items, and availability of menu items. * Delivers food and beverages to tables; waits on tables to insure that patrons are supplied with beverage refills or clean utensils when desired. * Removes dishes and utensils; cleans and dusts tables and chairs; fills sugar, salt, and pepper containers; sweeps floors. * Assists in setting up and taking down tables and chairs; places clean utensils and napkins on tables. * Assists in setting up for banquets or special functions. * Performs related work as required.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE * Completion of eighth grade; ability to read and write; some experience waiting on tables.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES * Some knowledge of the methods and practices of food service. * Some knowledge of health hazards in food service and precautionary measures. * Ability to interpret and follow oral and written instructions. * Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and patrons of the food service unit. * Ability to work long hours while standing. * Ability to satisfactorily answer patrons' questions regarding food items or service.

* Food Dispatcher
They will have to supervise the production of food and ensure that nothing is being done incorrectly. The storage is also an important role. Fooddispatchers will often have to deal with the storage of the food and then oversee the dispatch of the food to the place that it is being sent.

Food dispatchers also need to be able to coordinate services on the basis of areas, which means that high quality food can always be ensured for the consumers. Ordering food and supplies is another role of food dispatchers.

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