Dust bowl

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Imagine waking up each morning having to sweep up dust that blew into homes at night. Nearly starving from lack of food and water then going broke and living without a home with family's to care for. We'll that was life during the Dust Bowl having to face the Great Depression and loving in the Southern Plains.The Dust Bowl was a very unexpected tragedy that hit America in the 1930 lasting a whole decade. The dust bowl accrued mostly of high climates mixing with the broken down jet stream in Mexico created weather for a drought season. Then came loving in the Southern Plains during the Dust Bowl which was difficult because many areas lacked water and food supply. Many farmers went broke trying to keep up with the Great Depression which dried up most of the land. "Dust landed on homes like snow." Said Jim Durrand. Since most food supply was down living in the time of the Dust Bowl was difficult.

The Dust Bowl happened mainly in the southern area of the Untied States of America. The Dust Bowl lasted from 1931 until 1939 which was almost a whole decade. Most family's that lived in the southern Plains moved to California or went to the Noethern Plains. Even though Northern Plains did not go through the Dust Bowl a lack of food and water did damage many people. Many towns experienced a lack of fresh flirts vegetables and crops. Then another decrease in the water supply. In 1931 the drought began hitting the Southern and Midwestern Plains. Then later as a year went by the dust storms increased. Fourteen dust storms were recorded in 1932. In December 1935 Pueblo, Colorado experts estimate 850,000,000tons of topsoil has gusted off the Southern Plains of America. In 1938 the government became very focused on re-planting trees and soil that had blown away during the Dust Bowl. Even when the dust storms had stop the drought continued. In 1939 rain comes back to the southern plains ending the drought and the Dust Bowl. (About The Dust Bowl)

Scientist from NASA claim...
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