Duo Avanzando

Topics: Music, Clarinet, Sound Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Antwan Carter
The Program put on by Duo Avanzando (David Carter, clarinet; Ricardo Coelho de Souza, percussion) at ASU Beebe was really cool, with an amazing percussionist doing some really cool things. I really enjoyed how he could use so many mallets at once and used entricate set ups to play a bunch of instruments all really fast in each piece.

The first piece, Licorice Sticks, was a really fun piece that was about thirteen minutes long. the clarinetist was playing both a regular looking clarinet and a really big one that I think was a bass clarinet. The percussionist was playing on something that looked kind of like a weird metal and wood piano that you hit with sticks, and he had two in each hand and was a pro at it.

The next piece was called Last, and it was really abstract sounding like it was just an improvisation. The clarinetist was just playing a normal clarinet and the percussionist was playing the same thing as before.

Temazcal was the next piece, and it was performed by just the percussionist. The percussionist was playing the marakas. It had a soundtrack in the background, and it was some really trippy stuff that kind of sounded like water pouring down rocks or something. The percussionist did kind of an interpretive dance or something with the marakas, and was playing them in a funny way that I really liked. He really showed that he was an awesome musician with a passion for percussion.

Assum Preto was the piece right before intermission, and it was about seven minutes long. Both the people from the duo played, and it was really cool and fast paced, sounding kind of improvish as well.
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