Dumbledore: Eye and Rocking Chair

Topics: Eye, Color, Human eye Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 22, 2013

At first glance the carved snake, the phoenix, heads of witches and wizards, and wands catch your attention as they move all around the door. The handle feels cold and different from any other; it’s shaped like a wand. As the door opens there is an eerie screech. Standing in the doorway, straight ahead is a window which changes shape every now and then giving the human eye a look at the view from different angles. The room is tidy and untouched, but dusty and has been a home to spiders for weeks, maybe months. The door closes behind you and you feel lost, like a mouse in a big house looking desperately for a place to hide. At that same instant all the lamps come on, blinding you for a quick second. The spiral lamp next to the bed lets out a bright white light and is covered with cobwebs. It stands on a dusty piece of colourful glass afloat in mid air. Next to the lamp is a naked bed, suited for a king, the mattress is an off-white colour. Four long poles are what make up the bed-head. Cobwebs zigzag on them and spiders can be seen speeding down their sticky thin lines as if running away from the dull light above. Compared to the others, this one was different, a blue bulb, in a sun shaped light shade. The colour resembled the blue sky against the white wall. In contrast, on the opposite silver surfaced wall there shone a black light, it’s mounted on a star, giving off changing light. Only after a moment in the room will it be noticed that all the lamps are of a different colour. To the right of the dark wooden mahogany door stands a tall silent closet, sprinkled with dust. Its wooden doors decorated with pieces of glass of all shapes. It’s lonely; nothing kept it company, not even the visiting spiders.

You have a quick fright as you turn around and see the
bruised rocking chair, rocking with no wind. Its old-fashioned look draws you in to look closer, and closer, till you get close enough that it quickly changes grotesquely into a mirror. The...
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