Duckpin Bowling Rules

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The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you” also applies in bowling. * Remain back of the foul line at all times.
* After delivering the ball, walk straight back on the approach. Do not remain standing near the foul line. * Do not walk in front of a bowler to pick up your ball of the rack or to mark up a score, is he/she is in the position to start his/ her delivery. * Do not attempt to deliver the ball at the same time as the bowler on the adjoining lane. If you are both ready to bowl at the same time, remember- the person at your right has the right way- acknowledge it. * After delivering the ball, use only the width of your lane for any contortions of “body English” in which you may wish to indulge. * Do not talk to a bowler while he/she is delivering his ball. You can have a lot of fun kidding but do it at the right time. * Control your temper and refrain from abusive language. * Do not always expect a strike every time you hit the head pin. * Use good sportsmanship at all times- give credit where credit is due. * Do not get discouraged- you can learn. Remember, a happy disposition and a bright smile is as big an asset in bowling as anywhere and being able to laugh at yourself and your own failures is the first step in correcting your errors. * Use your own balls of the house balls, never to use another person’s ball without his/her permission.

Class Guidelines

1. Get your index card and sign as you arrive at the Alumni Center Bowling Alley. 2. Go to your respective lane assignment.
3. Write your name in the score sheet. And wait for the go signal to start the games. 4. Every bowler must finish 3 consecutive frames (frames 1, 2, and 3) before the next bowler starts. When all bowlers in the score sheet are finished, the play on the next 3 frames (frames 4, 5, and 6) on the adjoining lane. (e.g. Bowler X played in Lane 3, and Bowler Y played on Lane 4 on their 1st 3 frames. On the next 3 frames, Bowler X will be on Lane 4 and Bowler Y will be on Lane 3.) On the next 3 frames, Bowler X will be on Lane 4, and Bowler Y will be on Lane 3.) When all are finished playing 6 frames, play on the next 4 frames continuously but you will exchange lanes after 2 frames (frames 7 & 8) 5. You must record your score in the index card before you leave. (There should be an assigned scorer and checker per meeting day.)


ADDRESS- a bowler’s starting position
ALLEY- synonym for lane
ALLEY BED- the part of the ally between the foul line and pit; surface on which the ball is rolled. ANCHOR- last man to roll in team competitions; usually the best bowler APPLE- bowling ball
APPROACH- area on which the bowler takes his steps to the foul line; mostly are 16 feet long ARROWS- aiming points embedded in the lane 7ft away from the foul line; 7 arrows used for targeting BABY SPLIT- the 2-7 or 3-10 split

BACK-UP BALL- a ball the curves left to right for a right-handed bowler, or right to left for a left-handed bowler BALK- crossing the foul line with the ball and failing to deliver it BARMAID- a hidden pin

BED POSTS- a 7-10 split
BTCYCLE- a pin hidden behind another pin; synonymous to BARMAID, DOUBLE WOOD, and TANDEM BIG FOUR- the 4-6-7-10 split
BLOW- a missed spare; (ERROR, MISS, OPEN)
BOARD- an individual piece of the lane
BODY ENGLISH- contortions of the body wishfully intended to steer the ball after its release (BODY LANGUAGE) BOX- a synonym for FRAME
BREAK- all pins are down on the third ball.
CANAL- the channel or trough at either side of the lane; it directs a wasted shot into the pit. CHANNEL- see CANAL or GUTTER
CLEAN GAME- strike or spare in each frame (e.g. no open frames) CLOTHESLINE- also PICKET FENCE. The 1-2-4-7 or 1-3-6-10 pins still standing after the first ball. COUNT- number of pins knocked down on the first ball

CURVE- a ball with a lateral spin that works to the left...
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