Rules of Football Tournament

Topics: Association football, Laws of the Game, Management Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: March 3, 2013
1) Each team consists of 11 players on field with 3 substitutions allowed per team. No rolling subs will be allowed. 2) Every team has to be in the field on the assigned time. The team who is late by more than 15 minutes will be automatically disqualified giving their rivals a walk over win by 3 goals to 0. 3) Captain will be responsible to maintain discipline among his team. 4) Referee's decision will be full and final and no player has the right to argue with the referee once the decision is made by him. Any disrespect to the referee will result in sending off of the respective player and will not be allowed to play in the tournament again. Further action against the player will be taken by Director Admin Brig. Arif. 5) Use of foul language or foul gestures will not be tolerated by any player. Severe action will be taken against any player doing so. It may result in permanent banning of the player from football. 6) Any controversial decision by the referee or by organizing committee is not be challenged on the field and can be stated later on to Syed Kamraan Haider after the match. Rest assured any claim against the referee or the organizing committee if presented in a peaceful manner will be looked into by Syed Kamraan Haider later on. 7) Referees and organizing committee will be impartial.

8) Every player will be held accountable for any disregard for the rules. 9) Standard League Rules apply for this league as well which are as follows •Yellow card in two consecutive matches will result in suspension of the respective player from the next match. •Red card will result in the suspension of the player in the respective match and the next match as well. •In case that the top 2 teams have same points the winners of the league will be decided on: Goal Difference (First Criteria)

Head to Head match result (Second Criteria)
Goals FOR (Third Criteria)
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